Internship for a Trader Wannabe

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  1. Do you want to trade or do you want to take risk? In the real world of trading there's a distinction between the two.
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    Please tell us.
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  3. one has a view and is compensated for risk, the other facilitates the execution of an order and is compensated for providing liquidity.
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    So how are you doing in this meltdown? Have the fundamentals allowed you to hedge your risk?

    FWIW my Momo stocks have for the most part rolled over and taken me out of the market. Still in a few energy names. Been lucky not to get caught in any of the surprise drops.
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  5. Was up nearly 10% in q1 with a sharpe of 2. This q has been ok, fairly flat for me so far, but I expect things to pick up around June and have been bottom fishing tech (semis and enterprise). Long/short nature helps avoid market swings, but because of the level of uncertainty, there has not been a sustained drift between the factors I'm long/short (hence roughly flat).
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