Internship for a Trader Wannabe

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I recently had this idea, that I could become a virtual assistant of a trader and he or she could let me pick his or her brain. Would anyone be interested in this?
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  2. 2rosy


    its called an externship. its more programming and research than what you might expect
  3. wrbtrader


    If you have the academic and work history background...

    Submit your resume for an internship at many different professional institutional trading firms.

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  4. Just read a book on day/swing/Forex trading.
    Traders don't really need a virtual assistant
    and they aren't going to tell you their secrets.
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  5. Bugsy


    Most of the people here learned through years of studying, trying, and failing. Doubt you will find somebody who hands you the keys to the kingdom. The amount of time it would take just to teach a noob the basics and underlying principles of a profitable system would be extensive and not worth anyone's time.

    The fact you've never participated on this site except to make a first post asking for a mentor is not very enticing. Nobody needs a virtual assistant. I mean what would they do that the trader couldn't do more easily themselves? The site is full of hidden gems if you're willing to dig.
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  6. easymon1


    Research and present 500 words on the topic of support and resistance on a chart.
    Include your sources.

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  7. maxinger


    traders don't really need assistance.

    we just need the hardware (computer),
    software (charting s/w, trading platform, programs ....),
    and we read the news from shortlisted sources.

    Trading is basically an OMJ One Man Job.
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  8. ajacobson


    Reach out if you ever coming to Chicago. Most 24-hour shops still use interns, but they are often legacys'. How far are you from Zurich? The International banks run 24-hour desks, but again it's fairly political and frequently pedigree of education.
    Today it is lots of never-close shops and much of the appetite is for nonRTH support staff when they are trading or MM RTH in another region. Volatility is a great target area as there is a ton of cross-border trading.
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  9. @2rosy correct, externship :D
    @wrbtrader institutional traders and retail traders have a different approach. As Anton Kreil says, there is nobody giving me a bonus and a paycheck for that.
    @GoldDigger so basically, most of the traders in this forum just "draw lines" and place bets on them?
    @Bugsy I totally agree with that, but to be honest I already kinda knew the answers that I will be getting on my post. I guess I just wanted to try this out. I don't consider myself a newbie. I just want to go a step further and transition to a full-time gig.
    @easymon1 Actually I do have a blog that I write on everything market-related. As I told Bugsy, I don't need to learn how to draw S&R, I need to transition to a full-time gig, and to be honest, my main issue is psychological.
    @maxinger Agreed but I guess this is where virtual assistance comes. Besauce it is a one-man job. Probably you are right and there is no need for a virtual assistant. I guess asking is free though :) nobody knows.
    @ajacobson I want to follow the "retail way of trading" and I don't think I will learn anything by placing client orders and following a predefined corporate trading strategy. Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

    Thank you all for your answers! I appreciate your feedback.
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  10. easymon1


    supply a link?
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