Internship/Career Dilemma

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ep510, Jan 3, 2007.

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    I currently have a pretty good offer (deadline next week, $20k for the summer) from Microsoft as a software engineer for the summer (I worked there last summer too), but I'm also really interested in trading. I'm an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at UC Berkeley.

    I also have ~$50k worth of money that I'm investing in the market that I made from playing online poker. I enjoy trading, and have an internship working for an asset manager and trying to learn as much about trading/markets. I've been actively trading for about 2 months now.

    I'm also planning on applying for a Masters in Financial Engineering program.

    So here's my dilemma:
    1. Take the Microsoft position (and maybe recruit for full time trading next year)
    2. Try to delay the MS offer to recruit (but then the company will know i'm not committed to them and that it might be a backup decision)
    2. Take MS, recruit for S&T, and maybe accept if I get an offer (but burn bridges with MS)

    Other things to consider are that if I take MS, I can relax and not do any work for the remaining year and a half in college. If I take MS, it'll boost my pay when i go into FT. If I stick with MS as a career, my pay will prob cap out a lot faster, and I don't plan on going to grad school in engineering.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate your advice.