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    I am in my early 30s and looking to switch my career from engineering to professional trading area. I've been trading part-time for years, but I know professional trading is totally different. So, I think it might be a good start for me to join a internship or training program in a trading firm. Can anybody give me suggestions on some good internship and training programs?

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  2. Seriously, there's no way someone can make you a good trader by teaching. You become one and you are one.

    But someone sure can help and lead you.

    Don't go for the vendorish training. Get a mentor in a prop./trading firm...
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    For example, at BT, Don Bright has an eight-week boot camp for new traders at the end of the trading day in the corporate trading office,
    according to this past Saturday's (9-6-03) Trading with the Bright Brothers Internet/Radio/TV Show, Bright's own hedge fund (AB Capital) co-trader Aly Mustakim will be mentoring traders on Saturdays, also at Bright Trading's nice corporate office. He's been trading with Bob Bright since '96.

    Combined with your own diligence, persistence, and disciplined work ethic, jpx61, you'd be on your way to a solid start in professional equities trading :cool: in an office with other like-minded traders!

    Good luck!
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    I've never attended a "trader training" class/course, but I do know that an invalueble asset to have while trading is a good working environment. Meaning devloping good friendships with your fellow peers/traders to share ideas and look out for one another. I am lucky to be in such a group and we all learn from each other everyday that we trade. :p
  5. seisan, why do you try to pimp bright trading so much?? are you an office manager?? i know that bright trading isn't the best in the business and no one promotes a firm because "its just so great" so whats your agenda????
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    No agenda!

    Read the phrase "For example,".....

    And, in other posts I usually advise the thread poster and thread readers to also check out other firms on surely you've noticed..... :)

    There a other good trading firms on ET - whether pro, prop, retail, institutional, etc., - who undoubtedly have hardworking traders, as well as those hardworking traders who've chosen to trade on their own...

    I just happen to be more familiar with BT and some of its
    traders and the hard work they put into helping each other
    be successful - starting at the top!

    So, be positive!

    Right? :)
  7. Is your part time trading profitable? If so you have all the training you need already.

    Good luck and stress free trading,
  8. so, you never answered my question- which office do you manage??