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    I live in the mountains and the internet (Comcast Cable) goes out frequently during the winter months. I want to set up a backup internet using cell phone. Is there a phone and data plan that I can buy that will allow me to set up a WiFi network that I connect two laptops and trade. I know there's a little gizmo you can buy that you can connect one laptop to the internet but I need to run two laptops.

    I'm not a cell phone person at all and just have a basic phone with AT&T. I don't think I'm in an area with 4G coverage if that matters. I think I saw a commercial for this feature but I'm not sure. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Verizon has data plans for Droid phones such as the razor that can support up to 8 devices.
    This requires a $30 a month data plan with an additional $20. a month for extra devices.

    Droid Razor...


    Mobile Hotspot Capable (Supports up to 8 devices on 4G & up to 5 devices on 3G

    ( Edit : I have personally used this feature and ran multiple computers from my previous Droid x mobile and it works well )

    Also mobile hotspots are available from Verizon



    4G LTE Mobile Broadband and Mobile Broadband capable
    LTE: Typical download speeds of 5–12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2–5 Mbps.
    Connect up to 5 Wi–Fi® enabled devices at one time
    MiFi 4510L does NOT support VZAccess® Manager
    Chipset: MDM9600
    4G SIM Card compatible
    Slim, Compact size
    Integrated External Status Display
    User–Friendly Web UI: No Software to install
    High performance internal antenna
    Multi–color service state LED
    External Antenna Connector (External antenna sold separately)
    VPN Capability
    Global Data roaming is set to ON by default
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    Thanks TIKITRADER that's very helpful. I didn't know this stuff existed. The 5spot Mobile Hotspot for 3G will suit my needs fine.

    Anybody have any experience with this setup either with Verizon or another service? I mean is the data service reliable and continuous. The 5–12 Mbps should be fine for receiving several price quote data and sending orders right? Will I be able to do some mild surfing on ET at the same time?

    Again thanks.
  4. Sprint has something like this. Its called a hotspot and you can have multiple devices using the internet at the same time. The only issue with this for me has been that i can not use my cell phone and be connected to internet at the same time, so that means you would have to have another line/phone to be able to make calls. And the cost is like $60 or something like that for the hotspot. It actually is pretty fast. And i have had issues of going over minutes as they don't seem to have unlimited minutes. Well, im still confused about this, depending on who you talk to in customer service, i should have unlimited, but i think that is being phased out anyways. I will actually be switching to our cable provider this week, hopefully i have a better experience.
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    Just use Skype (internet) to make phonecalls to phones. Then you don't need to pay for an extra plan....
  6. do you have idea what is the upload and download speed of the internet via phone company? it can be checked from

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    Be aware that most Hotspot services are no longer unlimited, but capped.

    I would suggest looking into a low cost DSL service (around $19.95/month) and if you're technically incline refer to this thread regarding setting up a cheap PC router or wireless access point for Mult-WAN failover. You could even add additional failover to a cell phone service if you desire.

    But I would also suggest you request Comcast test your line. They may find it doesn't meet their quality standards.
  8. You have unlimited data on the phone itself (internally); i.e., you can use the web-browser or watch unlimited youtube, etc., but you won't get unlimited on the hotspot. The unlimited data is limited to phone use, and via hotspot at 5Gb. I haven't used Sprint in a couple of years, but hotspot via the phone is definitely capped.

    There is a Sprint reseller near Portland OR that offers unlimited via a cell modem. IIRC the name is Millennium.

    Edit: Millenicom. Unlimited cellular data at $70:
  9. USB wireless data is great. They call it mobile broadband. If you can reach a cell tower with a cell phone from that location, you have wireless broadband.
  10. With a 5-12 Mbps throughput, you can drive 8 monitors filled with over 100 tick charts and 3 to 4 indicators each. That's what I have, throughput-wise.

    If all you have is just receiving several price quote data and sending orders, even 1 Mbps would suffice. (e.g. sometimes going on a trip and have wifi from a hotel room...)
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