Internet Voting: Coming to a PC Near You!

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  1. it's about time. this should shake things up.

  2. LMAO I,ed say that the probability of using this idea to corrupt the voting process is 98%. But what the hell do I know. I only worked for those bastards for 20 years.
  3. lol what bastards, the pentagon??
  4. yep
  5. it would certainly make it very easy for any 16 year old hacker to tamper with the electoral process...

    and why is this coming from the pentagon, of all places??? isn't their job national security?? isn't that where cheney prostituted the CIA to justify the war??

    the fact that the pentagon wants this is extremely suspect, IMO...


    (from the article)

    "...The Pentagon's Federal Voting Assistance Program was created in 1986 to help military personnel stationed overseas vote. It also serves civilian Americans living abroad. Yesterday, a Pentagon spokesman defended the pilot program.

    "The concern for security is a good thing, and we respect what they've done," Glenn Flood said. "But we think the thing will be secure, and security will continue to be enhanced. We're not going to stop it."..."
  6. great idea??:confused: you can't be serious

    Can you spell FRAUD???? shhhheshhh don't you folks follow at all what has been happening with electronic voting, hacking, Diebold black boxing and certain senators behind the programing compoanies??:confused: :confused:
    The fight for no paper trail/audit? (politicians love that part) hehehe:eek: :D :D :D
  7. Isn't Accenture putting this system together for the Pentagon (it's to allow out of country military personnel to vote electronically)??

    Aren't those the old Arthur Andersen consulting guys who broke from the audit side years ago (before the whole Andersen/Enron debaucle).

    Andersen consulting was globally infamous for charging big bucks and deliverying complete crap and then charging the customer "add-ons" to finally, eventually, hack what they'd delivered into somethiing that marginally worked or did what they'd originally sold the customer on.

    No way those jamokes can possibly get this right (and completely secure) the first time!!!
  8. msfe


    A Security Analysis of the Secure Electronic
    Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE)

    ... "Like the proponents of SERVE, we believe that there should be better support for voting for our military overseas. Still, we regret that we are forced to conclude that the best course is not to field the SERVE system at all. Because the danger of successful, large-scale attacks is so great, we reluctantly recommend shutting down the development of SERVE immediately and not attempting anything like it in the future until both the Internet and the world's home computer infrastructure have been fundamentally redesigned, or some other unforeseen security breakthroughs appear." ...
  9. Ya got it!!!

    what's really funny is when they get it "wrong/make mistakes"
    it just about always benefits the same people....:D :D :D

    opps we screwed up.... but hey! you foot the bill we get get the loot, and maybe we will apologize if we get caught..:D :D :D's the only way to deal with mushrooms...
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