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  1. Why don't we have Internet TV yet?

    We have voip phones...

    Why not TV? I mean all the cable channels and local channels...

    Is Hollywood stopping this? like the music industry is stopping Internet music?

    Isn't there a way everybody can get paid?

    Michael B.

    I pay $100 per month plus for cable...I would gladly pay that for global TV...
  2. Hmmm.... you are right. I never thought about that. I think Dish and DTV only download at rates of around 384kbps. That is less than 3% of my internet bandwidth. It is probably an advertising issue. How do you target a global audience for a product that might not be available every where? I guess that can be controlled just the same.

    Interesting topic.
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    You can stream Bloomberg on your computer.
  4. Imagine,

    Global advertising could target its user group in many different ways that TV could not... this picture and voila UPS is at your front door tomorrow...(or add it to your weekly shopping cart, or simply save the ad for a later decision or to get the ph#, or right click for the ph# lol)

    Wifey and I could watch Swedish TV in our living room in Denver. (Wifey is Swedish, but I am born in Burbank, Ca. but I speak Swedish and have lived in Stockholm for 6 years, but came back in Oct. 95).

    I could watch my hometown local news from Thousand Oaks, CA...

    or I could get to work by setting the computer to playback all Financial news....instead of tivo we could have bivo(broadband)

    I think Internet TV is coming and just a matter of time...

    Yeah Kevink I have seen Bloomberg streaming..pretty kewl. Isn't Bloomberg streaming, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Cable...all different stuff than the real thing know the Bloomberg Terminal...

    Michael B.

    P.S. How easy it would be to burn a dvd...of anything you wish to archive...or save to your bivo...or like this..hey email yesterdays broadcast of the greenspan speech will ya...and throw in one of those old Lucy ricky can splain' to me what greenspan said.

    P.S.S. sorry folks, I just love hard play hard...I might take a trip up to the Rockies tomorrow...they are so beautiful.
  5. Thank You DonCorleone (I signed up for Swedish TV (TV4), and I will surprise Wifey when she wakes up!)

    Michael B.
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    For a Canadian perspective on business and the markets, check out

    I haven't tried their live subscription service, but the ability to view archived shows from earlier in the day/week is invaluable for me (I'm a very, very busy University student). In particular, I recommend checking out Kevin O'Leary on "Squeezplay".
  7. very cool link.

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