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    Internet speed test ... does it measure the speed from/to my device, or from my modem? That is, if
    I run the speed test from a laptop connected via a wifi router to a cable modem, does it measure the speed
    from/to my laptop or the cable modem?
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    It runs from your device. If you are on a WiFi connection it probably will be slower than a hardware connection to your router or cable modem.
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    Got it. As I suspected.
  5. Keep in mind that the speed test will measure from your laptop to some server that hosts the speed test, and that ISPs will prioritize speed test traffic. The speed test you take will give the upper bound on how fast your connection could be, but it won't translate to the site you intend to send traffic to. For example, Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Netflix/etc. will usually store servers at the ISP offices themselves, and route your traffic to these servers. It's cheaper and faster for the ISP, since the data doesn't need to leave the company network. It's also good for you, but it will interfere with the speed test results.
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    You can also check your connection speed via YouTube statistics for nerds while playing a video.
    In my case the speed shown there generally is 10-20% slower compared to a speedtest.
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    Mine is on 0.00mbps as is everyone on Telewest fibre in the uk today, PC has no wifi so tablets and phones hot spot only :(. 6hour eta no trading for me to later :(
  8. this test is only indicative, since it basically checks the server closest to you, so the speed, ping will be as high as possible, without packet loss. but basically, the servers of other sites are much further away, so there you will have significantly less speed than the test will show.
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    Also consider segmenting your network (separation of duties) and the ability of network interfaces to support higher speeds. Always connect the device directly to your cable modem to test if it's the device NIC or actual ISP causing the problem.
    • Internet Modem -> just connect to your ISP to receive signal (no routing or WiFi functionality)
    • Wired Devices Router -> just your Ethernet wired trading devices connected
    • Switch - > improve network performance and speed
    • WiFi -> just WiFi access point for your wireless trading devices
    • WiFi 2 -> just WiFi access point for anything not related to trading (Maybe even use the backup ISP connection for this)
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    Did you read the actual thread before commenting, or just this one post?

    This is exactly what has been mentioned later on.
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