Internet Speed Shootout! What's your speed!

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    easymon1 is also available as a native application for your iOS or Android mobile device Use it to measure speeds wherever you may be.
    ping - 14ms, dl - 31.5mbps, ul - 7.6mbps
  2. C+ :eek:
  3. This is what you guys can look forward to whenever the U.S catches up. This is with a 100Mbps optical fiber connection. Sometimes get even better than this.
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  4. I pay for a 60Mbit service, but I am on WPA and at the limits of the N-router reception. Need a repeater:

  5. Where are you?

    It's only logical that the first in anything is eventually the worst. We had the first railroads and our railroads suck. Highways are getting better. Internet has been playing catch up since day one.
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