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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by H2O, May 6, 2003.

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    I'm currently switching offices and in my new office I have the option to choose between Cable and ADSL

    I think ADSL is the best option because it seems to be more stable. I have one more question though.

    Does the increase capcity of the ADSL also increase the speed ?
    What I mean to say is : Since we don't need capacity as we only need to receive quotes and send orders, will the increase of the bandwidth of the ADSL also increase the speed ?

    For example there's ADSL 128/256 or 256/512 or 512/1024 Will the most expensive also be the fastest ?

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    Buy the fastest DSL you can afford. The difference in price should not be the driving issue unless you have a special circumstance: In most places the fastest DSL pricing is about double the lowest speed option. The end amount is peanuts unless you have no capital. Remember most DSL has no service gaurantee: the system may stop working and the provider has no requirement to get your connection back up within a specified time period. If you need service level gaurantees then you need another solution.

    The speed numbers are the amount of bits per unit time that can theoretically come through the modem and the providers pipe: this can be reduced by problems in the providers system, problems in your system etc. You may or may not get better results on higher speed lines: it depends upon what you are doing...... To figure out the answer you need to be able to calculate your demand. If you can not do this then just use the "faster is better" approach .........
  3. I disagree, I think cable is a lot better than DSL, and a lot more stable.
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    ADSL more stable than cable modem?? I doubt it. I have had a cable modem hookup for 2 yrs now (AT&T), and it has gone down maybe 3 times in 2 yrs, usually at night.

    No experience with ADSL, but all those horror stories...
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    ...completely dependent upon the cable system: some saturate badly in a particular geographic location. DSL also depends upon where you are in the metropolitan network. Thus, each location is unique - as are the providers ability to manage their network.

    Again, if you want service level gaurantees you will need to pay to play as these setups are much more expensive ......
  6. DSL can be total crap if it is not installed correctly. The lithium line used is extremely sensitive and needs to be blown through pipes versus pulled. And yes you will find that people are to lazy to do it right. ADSL will be a good deal and in the event that you need to set up a VPN the static IPS will be needed which is not something that is allways availible through cable modem. Also, with cable you are sharing the internet with the people in your neiborhood, where with DSL you are allocated a dedicated speed/space @ the C/O.
  7. I would get them both and compare. Then after a while you can cancel the dsl.
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    I agree 100%. You NEVER know until you see how it is to YOUR specific computer.
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    There are good reasons why cable controls over 70% of the high speed access market. DSL is a money losing proposition for the Bells, and the only reason they are in it is to try and compete with cable - a competiton they are losing. DSL is also a bastardized technology, trying to run high speed data through a small copper wire in the "last mile". Having used both, the only way I would consider DSL is if it was a complete fiber loop into my office, and I had service and performance guarantees. Otherwise, forget it.
  10. once again,
    cash is the man when it comes to good info on remote trading

    Caltrader also right as usuall, you need to check to see how they both work.

    My experience is cable is better, but mine runs 3.8mbts (I live in a old fogie town close to my provider)

    btw, cash... that hawking has let me down, im still using it but only for a firewall for my cable, had to pull the lynksys out of the closet for the dsl because I have 2 vpns now(futures accounts 1 cme/1cbot)with gr8trade which is a bandwith slob.
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