Internet Service during power outages

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  1. With all the talk of the upcoming storm knocking out power for extended periods, I'm scrambling to find a back up internet solution. Both Fios and Verizon Wireless have said that in the event of a commerical power outage, their services will not work.

    Can anyone recommend something that would still work despite the outage (assuming I have backup power going on my side)? Perhaps a satellite provider?
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    take a day off. use stops and time based orders. have your wireless phone ready. you can also use one of those-

    dual router with multiple connections. i have verizon,my neighbor-Comcast. i installed a good wireless router in his house, so he can use all his laptops,i pad and my netflix. in exchange-i can connect and use his internet,if verizon fails. sounds fair to me :p
  3. Yeah I have the 4G stuff too...but I called Verizon Wireless and they said it's not going to work if there's a power outage. It sounds like anything that relies on a tower in the affected area will be down as well...which makes sense.
  4. you sure about that?

    First of all, anybody you talk to on the phone at Verizon wireless is just an independent contractor working out of their home and almost never know what they are talking about.

    I have Verizon wireless and use to live out in the woods where everytime the wind blew a tree got knocked down and the power went out, and the Verizon Wireless just kept working like a champ.

    It's only $50/month

    the problem is keeping your pc going,

    but for 50 a month, Verizon Wireless is a very good option, and I use it full time all the time. 4g, very good.

    My mother has comcast cable, and when I get on her old slow computer it is like going back to the dark ages of AOL dial up

    No, your very best bet is Verizon wireless, I doubt they will go down in any hurricane

    keeping your pc powered is another matter

    just don't pay attention to anyone from Verizon you talk to on the phone, they don't know what the hell they are talking about
  5. Point taken about their customer service reps...and no, not sure about anything. However, I think the difference is that you had a local power outage with that fallen tree and they are speaking about the possibility of an outage somewhere in the grid which would impact their towers.

    I'm fairly well backed up with power here...for me, that's not the issue. Just need an ISP that doesn't rely on local (storm area) towers. I'm trying to find a satellite service that doesn't require a dish (USB directly to satellite)...doesn't appear that exists as of yet.
  6. point well taken, well it sure will be interesting to see

    one of these days, there's going to be one of these sun surges, or even a terrorist brown out

    I doubt the difference between winners and losers will be the kind of internet service they had

    But getting back to it , Verizon is very reliable, and if it goes down there will be bigger hell to pay

    if you are trading international markets like I am, a whole country can go down and not affect the market that much

    we routinely have bank holidays and nobody gets wiped out

    I think it's much ado about nothing

    Personally, I don't use stops

    I'd much rather take my chances than getting raped when they know my satellite service is out

    If anything, they should be more cautious because they know I will not come in to take the other side, because I don't know what the hell is going on

    what I can't understand is, if you know a hurricane is coming and you are worried about it, why don't you just get flat?
  7. Markets do not move very much if Wall Street takes a sick day.

    I bet if there was a Enron like ordeal, that would not happen however.
  8. If I made 1/252 of my annual profits each day, then I probably would just shut it down to save the headache. However, that's not the nature of my pnl grinds, grinds, and then will have a handful of days a year where 5 - 10% of my annual take is generated. I don't want to risk missing those days...and if I can figure out a backup solution, there seems no reason to.
  9. Find a cheap flight anywhere 400 miles inland and book a room for a few nights. ;)
  10. Ha, dude no lie I was considering that...
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