Internet Radio(music)

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  1. Haven't updated my CDs or MP3s in a while and located a net radio alternative...

    Just a little promo for what I think is very good FREEBIE... EXE based, not browser, lightweight, and stable.

    Osorico :)
  2. maxpi


    Thanks for the link. I've loved everything radio related since I was a little guy.
  3. I'm not sure internet radio will be around
    much longer. We will see. I like Pandora.

    Create a 'station' by typing in an artist or

    For music that will not disturb your thinking
    too much, I suggest David Lanz. You will get
    instrumental music by a number of artists in-
    cluding Lanz.

    Free with no audio commercials at present.

  4. Maybe not in the US, where anything free has a hard time to survive. In the rest of the world it is still alive and kicking, mostly volunteers and hobbyist, lots of independant artists, or special interest music with no loyalties. Take a look at

    I think the music industry will keep on shooting themselves in the foot until they have noting left to stand on. It is all about protecting rights and money, and it has no benefits for artists nor public. The industry doesn't love their own product. This happens often with overly capitalistic enterprises, and is a sure sign of the nearing end.

  5. I think shoucast has been mentioned to me a while
    back by someone somewhere.

    I have urge as well (but I haven't been listening lately).
    It is $9.95 a month. A playlist can be created there.
    Of course $0 a month is cheaper.