Internet Problems??!!

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  1. Anyone having problems with the internet today? I've been losing connection all day. Thanks for the help.
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    same here- thruogh my cable line..
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    Apparently Worldcom having sporadic outages. This from my data vendor.
  4. It's been bad all day. Major UUNet problem apparently. I haven't been able to log in to Cybertrader for the last two hours.
  5. virgin


    Yes, also since a few days, nextrend lagging

    like hell and J-trader constantly disconnecting
  6. two hours...sounds like they have major problems
  7. Technology - Internet Report

    WorldCom Suffers Internet Outage
    Thu Oct 3, 1:41 PM ET

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Struggling WorldCom Inc. , one of the major backbone providers of networks that route traffic over the Internet, suffered a major commercial Internet outage beginning at 8 a.m. EDT on Thursday, according to a company that monitors Internet performance.

    The problems, believed to be caused by a software glitch, are disrupting service for WorldCom's many corporate customers, and may be slowing the Internet down for others, said Tom Ohlsson, vice president of marketing and business development at Matrix NetSystems, based in Austin, Texas.

    WorldCom did not immediately return a call for comment.

    As much as 65 percent to 70 percent of the world's Internet traffic runs across WorldCom's network, he said.

    Telecoms operator WorldCom filed for the world's largest corporate bankruptcy after it buckled under a heavy debt load and a massive accounting scandal.
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    Also having internet problems using a cable modem.

    Relieving to hear it's not my router or modem.

    Was hoping it wasn't going to be a nightmare to figure out
  9. It makes me feel really warm and cozy inside knowing that our entire economy and digital information infrastructure rests within the hands of a bankrupt company that got raped by a former basketball coach.

    Ps: Baltimore, MD -- Verizon DSL -- Many sites either unavailable, amazingly slow or ping times that wrap around China 6 times before getting to New Jersey.
  10. AP News - Following today's internet debacle, WorldCom's IT Director had this to say:

    "I was just looking around in this room full of what appeared to be a lot of electronic equipment. I figured this might be a good time to flip a switch or two, so I did."

    Just last week, Harold was selling cigars in the tobacco kiosk located in the lobby of the WorldCom Headquarters. When asked about his qualifications for his new position, Harold said, "Hey, I passed the polygraph with a 94%. The only questions I missed were 'Have you ever told a customer your product was in better shape than it actually was, and would you do it again?' "You know geez guys, nobody's perfect, right?"
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