Internet Outages

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    Well, at first I have 1Gbps connection for like 3.5 yeard already with rarely getting down, maybe cause of heavy rains and so on (ISP before current handled even that!!!! ) and when it was critical and not fixed within few hours it was router power supply (2 times - be sure to buy not cheap and powerfull, something like 10W = 2A, 5V) and if not that I will just go with laptop to any cafe with wifi or so, so I think it's solved for me. Any critics ?
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    Sure, Bro. What’s the R-value of that fiberglass?
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    There's much to be gained from having POTS when yer a trader.
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    There's much to be gained from having a STOP when yer a trader too.
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    Touche'. But POTS is just as important. :-\
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  6. %%
    Lots any one can do; trade with the trend.
    That + trade with the trend.

    The area in TN I'm living now has more very brief power outs; very brief, lights just barley flicker, but computer cuts off- so trading with trend helps.I like FB is stuff like QQQ.Some brokers like SCHW charge much more for phone exits/entry.

    I have one of those back up batterys, but i so seldom use it; investing ETFs help also.That way power outs are nothing so to speak. Good question. ARK97:cool::cool:
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    I don't think this was mentioned, but are you on a residential plan or a business plan with your provider? Usually business plans have an SLA associated with their service and dedicated hot lines, so if you want a better guarantee that is the way to go. As far as a second line, you could tether off your phone...
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