Internet Outages

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  1. ark93


    Thanks all for the great ideas! Gotta consider power outages too.
    Carrier pigeons! For trading post-apocalypse, maybe?
    Too young to have ever done it old style! My uncle did it that way, maybe I should learn from him.

    And yeah maybe I should start getting into the habit of placing my stops upon placing the trade rather than after. Would solve a lot of problems right there. Stops save lives!!
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  2. Sig


    Depends who your broker is. You might be on hold for a long time, since they generally don't really need to be 'old style' in 2019 so they don't have rooms full of brokers manning the phones.
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  3. jharmon


    They're all busy for some reason.

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  4. qlai


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  5. Peter10


    i use two ISPs and my phone hotspot is the last option.
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  6. i am a isp with bgp.
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  7. Buy1Sell2


    What were the potential losses based upon decisions you would have made?
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  8. schweiz


    For any "real" trader the cost in taking a second ISP is far inferior to the cost of missed profits or losses occured because of internet outage.
    My yearly cost is between 250-500 euro. Irrelevant cost to avoid very relevant problem. I also have a fully functional second computer at my side.
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  9. zdave83


    Be careful with 2 connections over cable and/or DSL. It is possible for a cable cut by backhoe somewhere in the area to affect multiple services at once.

    A - Google fiber with UPS
    B - agreement with neighbor on a different ISP to temporarily share internet via
    wifi guest network
    C - phone / hot spot
    D - many stores, restaurants & library within 2-10 min drive
    E - want to experiment with satellite but haven't found the right deal
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  10. schweiz


    That's why I have one fibre glas cable ISP and another g4 connection ISP . g4 does not need cable or dsl.
    Satelite is an option to.
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