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    Question for daytraders: what's your plan if there's an internet outage? Had a really long and extremely frustrating outage this morning that killed probably around $600 of potential profits based on decisions I would have made (was about to go long on FB when it happened) and I'm still venting about it. I have no backup plan. All I could do was call my ISP and keep asking when they were going to fix the damn thing. Having a technician coming later today to look at it.

    Anyway, possible solution I could think of was to go use a public wifi, of course for obvious security reasons that would be extremely risky. I've heard you can use a VPN to encrypt your data and protect your privacy, but I'm not tech savvy enough to figure that out all in one morning. Does anyone else use VPNs?

    Does anyone have a plan for if their internet goes out during trading hours? Friend's house, VPN, anything? I'd like to know what options I could set up in the future, God forbid I get in a large short position one day and the internet cuts out before I can set up a stop-loss or something.

    Also how often do you get outages where you live? In Arizona it's like twice per year on average, but I'd like to be somewhere where it's zero.
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  2. ZBZB


    Turn wifi hotspot on, on your phone.
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    Wow, can't believe I didn't think of that, now I feel really dumb. And to think that I'm a millenial. Much thanks.
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  4. Most/all brokers have you agree that they are "no-fault" in the event of an internet outage. You should have a phone backup, just in case.... not to mention the widsom of placing a stop-loss order when you place your trade.
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  5. Cable modem

    DSL as back up

    LTE hotspot as plan C

    McDonald's wifi as plan D

    Also you should have your ISP modems running off of a UPS backup in case of a power outage.

    1 for the desktop
    1 for the modems
    And a laptop always charged
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  6. destriero


    So Mickey D's lets you trade on the job?

    Oh and dumbsh!t, the cable switch serving your home is powered at the box. If it goes down so does your modem.
  7. schweiz


    Backup with Airbox with g4 connection. Cheap (25 euro for month) and fast enough (up to 75Mbs).
    It is a different ISP which is better in case your ISP is in trouble.

    But always put a stop on each order/trade.
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  8. destriero


    Get acclimated to your broker's phone/tablet app. Check your LTE speeds throughout your home.
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  9. Doobs789


    -Fiber ONT run through dedicated UPS (1000 gps)
    -Modem, router, switch, controller w/ ups in rack.
    -Cat6 to desktop and access points (PoE) (comp and center screen on ups)
    -Lte mobile hotspot (wife's spare vz mifi from work) for desktop/laptop
    -iPhone (att)
    -smoke signals
    -carrier pigeons
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    what ever happened to doing it 'old style'. call the trading desk.
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