Internet Offshore Account Providers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dboe519, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. dboe519


    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to get some other perspecitves and opionons on Internet Offshore Bank Providers. I have recently been researching Online Offshore Bank Account Providers. The websites that I have been surfing, are very vague and do not give very much information. Can anyone tell me what kind of experiences they have had with Online Offshore Banking Provider and what to look for so that you can protect yourself and your money from being scammed right from under your nose.

    While researching I only came across
    can anyone confirm that this is a reliable source.

    PS If anyone knows of any reliable sources feel free to provide some to me. Thank-you all for your expertise.
  2. Since they are in the US your funds are not protected. I wouldn't touch these bad boys.