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  1. I am wondering what internet websites do people use before market, and throughout the day to look up news stories on market activity and stories on individual stocks? For example, at hold we get a daily bullitin with some news briefs on it, and I will also check briefing and yahoo for news on stocks and such. Yahoo is real slow to post stories. Where do you all look to find quicker, up to date news stories? Thanks
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    My homepage is -- I read it first thing in the morning, every morning. I also recommend,, and If you have a broadband connection you can even watch Bloomberg TV through -- click on the "TV" button.

    What do other traders have as their homepage (if it is trading related)?
  3. My home page is about:blank
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    In 100% chance, I lost when I heard the opinions on Bloomberg TV in the morning. Those pit traders came out to throw wrong predictions many times. Now I make sure that I watch no Bloomberg TV before opening.


    Another evidence for that you should not blame yourself but others.

  5. I subscribe to reuters markets monitor, it is great for global macro news.
  6. I'm not sure what you are saying, but in the afternoon they usually have very good predictions on Bloomberg. Actually, I only rely on those when I myself have no idea where we're going, which does not happen too frequently anymore.

    If you want to fade someone's opinion on market direction I highly recommend CNBC's Maria B. Her timing is perfect. The day of the July low she said we should all start shorting stocks. A week ago she said the market would go up this week. One thing I've also noticed about her is when she says "certainly" it is always very obvious that no reasonable person could be certain of whatever it is she's talking about, however those particular statements should not be faded. Don't ask me why, it's just an observation.