Internet Kill-Switch bill sneaking through Congress - it's for your own good

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  1. Much more than a kill switch...

    Censure, ability to monitor and track all activity. Ability to shut access or monitor access to specific sites. Ability to shut commerce.. ie Online ordering, trading. Ability to monitor or block VPN traffic. Ability to monitor and control any device or computer connected to the internet. Smart Phones, PC's anywhere in the world.

    Scary times are arriving.
  2. America is at war.. on our own soil.

    The Obama and his lackey Democrats have declared war on the Constitution, personal liberties, freedom of speech... on the American people.

    Wake up, citizens... before it's too late. :mad:
  3. Before the internet. Did the govt have the ability to shut down phone lines? Temporarily close businesses? Block access to areas? I think yes for all three, I don't think much has changed.

    The thing that scares people is that the internet is slowly moving away from its roots as an anonymous utility.
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    American people woke up too late, we are on the cliff with obama and the dems taking us over the edge.

  5. You guys should read 'CROSSING THE RUBICON' to learn more about the War that Never Ends. Its author is Michael Ruppert.

    You can pick up a copy from

    It's not just Obama & Lieberman who want to take your liberties away& install one world government.
  6. The American people need to be informed and educated. And, we need leadership to prevent it here. The rest of the world can have their kings, dictators, and Socialist crapholes... but it doesn't need to be here just because somebody wants it that way.
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    That's the same thing they said about Bush. I'm not saying you are wrong. I'm just making a point that it's not about 'republicans' or 'democrats'. Let's not get distracted arguing about the idiots on the other side of the political fence. The loss of liberty is the issue and it's a problem with both parties.
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    why not in the US? the something for nothing mentality with a nanny government is eroding the american dream. why work when the gov't will pay you for 2 years to stay at home? six months of work gets you a 2 year vacation. the next generation is being trained to look at the gov't for their sustenance. a new program will eventually give 16million so called poor kids plastic to buy meals outside their homes during the summer vacation. that is the goal of the obama regime to sap the ambition of the american people and to make them subservient to his social vision.

    it goes to the basics. obama does not believe in free markets or in financial markets. the collapse of the real estate market and the bailout engendered by the republican paulson to save wall street and the major banks emboldened obama and his ilk to move forward with the goal of taking over the private sector of the american economy. the spineless and clueless republicans have joined together with obama to attempt to destroy US capitalism. they are doing a good job. of it.
  9. yes, the false left right paradigm is used as a distraction for the masses ( you know obama =socialist, bush=warmongering fascist) who don't take the time to follow voting records or legislation sponsorship.

    example John McCain's attack on liberty
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