Internet is running out of bandwidth?

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  1. I have heard the radio by 2012, supposedly the Net will be out of bandwidth. I just cannot believe it, is there any truth to this? I know 99% on the net is bogus, porn and scams. I suppose this "news" was a precursor to regulate it? `
    You traders life and die on internet connection and trading.

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  2. Maybe all the internet needs is a little coconut oil?

  3. TGregg


    It's absolutely true, the world is running low on nonrenewable bandwidth and soon it will all be used up!

    Here's a chart:

    Unfortunately, Big Bandwidth is very effective at keeping this story under wraps. They have a lot of money invested in this business and cannot afford to take losses from an alternative network solution such as SneakerNet®.

    BTW, did you know the word gullible is not in most dictionaries? Look it up. :)
  4. :D

    very funny.


  5. LOL! "Big Bandwidth".....

    I was drinking and shot water all over my desk you bastard! :)
  6. ok, ok, you are a "skeptic", maybe you like big pharma's vaccine cocktails? you take that, I'll take homeopatic stuff before I poison myself with "medicine"....
  7. with all this tweet crap, I think its running out of brainwidth