internet is a big circle

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  1. The internet sometimes reminds me of tv with 3 channels. Nothing on.

    Ever research something and end up going in a great big circle.

    The search engines keep bringing the same fluff to the top. God forbid your key words are a rock band or some lame ass song title.

    Actually, I even had instances when I find my way around to different points, sometimes taking up to a year and ta da dead end. Back where I began. I shrugg it off and figure that is all anyone wants us to know.

    Granted I have a few tricks but sheesh now we have a 1000 channels on tv and still we are at the mercy of the man.

    Probably the Pareto principle at work.
  2. As vast as the internet is, 99% of my online time is spent on about 4 sites.
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    Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask control more than 90% of search engine searches (not including internet Yellow Pages which have large search volumes too).
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    LOL. Yeah you're pretty much screwed on that one!
  5. We're all creatures of habit. When the FBI was trying to figure out how to wiretap Paul Castellano's house (mafia dude) the guy had a mansion, ended up he only used two rooms.