Internet Information Services IIs - spyware?

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  1. IS this basically spyware? install wants it, and every time I do anything on my computer -- even opening a folder on the HD, IIs gets active. If i block IIs with zone alarm when i boot, and open an IE window, it (IE) freezes for about 2min while IIs tries to connect to the internet. finally it gives up and IE runs normally from then on (after about 2min like i said), but this is a bit disconcerting.

    I know what it's sup'd to do, and especially since i am not planning on writing any web software, do i need to have this installed?

  2. Have you tried completely disabling the IIS service?
  3. taigong


    Talking about spyware, does anyone know what the following program is?


    I suspect it is spyware. I found it in Processes Tab of Task Manager and could not find where it is on my hard drive, so apparently it only resides in the memory of my PC when I turn it on. I have to "End Process" first .

    This is actually the last of 4 "ghost" processes I found. The other 3 were:


    I couldn't find them in hard drive, either, and I had to use "End Process Tree" to get rid of them finally.

    Any tech-savvy traders know anything?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Cant you go to google and type it in, when I had problems I typed it in google and found out quickly what it was, best of luck.
  5. You can remove IIS from Control Panel/Windows Components if you don't need it. IIS does have many security issues if you run it on a publicly connected computer.
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    I had not thought of that, but just tried in google with no matches found.

    Apparently these processes were generated by some other .DLL or something (I am not techy, so really have no clue). They are not normally abbreviated names (such as "msmgs.exe").

  7. bungrider - the reason IE freezes for a few minutes is most likely because you have it set to check for updates, and/or you have other spyware installed. The check for updates is in the advanced settings. Spyware - well, thats what SpyBot and Ad-ware can take care of.

    Taigong - those EXE's that you are finding are almost certainly spyware. Some spyware randomly name their EXEs and what you are showing definitely looks like such names. Get and run the spyware detection software:


  8. Steve789


    This is a virus (most likely a self replicating worm) , that changes its identity (filename) everytime you start your computer.

    Download a trial version of norton antivirus ( ), update it with the latest virus definitions and then clean it off your system.

    A lot of these newer worms have built in SMTP engines to start mass emailing people this virus from Your computer... you can have your ISP shut off if its not taken care of.

  9. Steve789


    Microsoft's IIs Webserver is not spyware.

    Whatever problems you're experiencing are being caused by something else.

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    Unfortunately IIS gets installed probably too much. It is not spyware but a service used at first by Frontpage and then later by Office.

    For the typical person disable it and the indexing service and the MS office in the startup.

    MSconfig and regedit are your best tools.

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