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  1. If anyone can help me,i'd appreciate it.Started having this problem recently where my internet explorer just closes out for no reason.Any ideas why?
  2. Many of us started experiencing this about 2 weeks ago, which is presumably related to the Sasser virus. There are some ET threads on the topic with suggested fixes. However, I've yet to see anyone definitively say they fixed it via a specific method. I'm still hopeful that someone will soon before I have to bring in an expert.
  3. I am having problems too. IE6 shuts down when I submit forms, say when sending an email from my Yahoo account or sometimes even here on ET when posting or editing my post. I know I have a virus in my files New Win32, but it is unremovable, sits in IE6 files and might be causing this kind of problems. One way to rectify this problem is to restore your system settings to an earlier date before the problems started, say to April 10th. I have not tried this yet, if anyone else did please let me know if it worked.
  4. I've been dealing with this problem for over a week now....and I'm ready to kill someone.

    The first thing I did was download MYIE2 and try and use that to see if I had the same problems...which at first I thought I didn't but that was short lived because after about 10 minutes I had the same problem with it.

    The first thing to do is scan for the obvious viruses...I did and I it came back 'negative' so that wasn't my problem.... then, I went and downloaded Hijack This
    (if that is down, then go to and click on the 'hijack this' the zip file to your hard drive and then run the program) you will get a log file of all the various programs running on your computer which you can then try and use to figure out where a problem might be. I did this and have yet to find my problem, but you may have something more obvious than mine.

    Now if when you're IE shuts down you get an error message...which I only get SOMETIMES, then its a good idea to find the log and look at what's in it. If you don't know how to do this, just ask me and I'll tell you the easiest way but you may not have gotten any error message at all. Another thing to do is to look in your Dr. Watson logs and see what IT says...again, if all other things fail, ask me and I'll try my best to help you.

    Keep in mind that I have yet to figure out the problem with mine although it seems to be a little bit better...but I've posted my log files on various forums to try and have someone help me out and they're lagging with responses so who knows, but I've been looking at them and doing so much research that I figure I could probably spot an obvious problem on someone elses log files, assuming it existed so either pm me, email me or whatever and I'll try and help.
  5. What is that Dr. Watson file? I saw that in my system and deleted it when I realized it was created the day the problems started.
  6. Have you tried downloading Microsoft's anti-Sasser scan/fix utility and is your PC completely updated?
  7. i am having the same exact problems. i noticed that microsoft internet explorer is not on my add/remove programs list. tried to re-install ie6 but it doesn't appear to let me.
  8. there is a documented problem (and a fix I think) with the forms and secure websites. It has something to do with the updates I think and settings. I saw a lot of posts about that on the websites I mentioned, you guys may want to check those.
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