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  1. i know this a bit off the subject but I've got a problem with IE and can't find an answer...I know this is the place to post the question!
    ok...when I try to download certain files from the internet I'm getting a blank page with a funny box in upper left corner. this seems to only happen with files ending in ".exe"
    sometimes I can right click them, then "save target in"..and it will download...but this doesn't work with some files...
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do you get an error message "Cannot find file xyz.exe"? If so, I think that is evidence of the infamous prettypark virus.
  3. AAA-
    no...the page goes blank except for the little box in top left corner...
    a while would come up blank except the quicktime symbol would appeaar and then crack in the middle
    so someone suggested I remove quicktime....but now i get the little box
  4. slowpoke


    Are you getting the place holder box, or something different?
    OS, IE version, etc, and, under the "advanced" tab, multimedia settings?
    This usually occurs when the HTML coding requires the use of a programme that does not exist on your box, or you have not permissioned.
  5. Fitz


    Give us a couple links of the files you tried to download. You could also take a screenshot of your desktop once the "funnybox" comes up and post it, so we know exactly what you are talking about.
  6. slow-
    I'm not sure what the placeholders box is...but the box I get is a small square, with 3shapes in it(a square,triangle,circle)

    one link that won't work is:

    actually with this link, it gets to a page , then goes blank with "funnybox"
  7. trdrmac



    This is a guess on my part, and if this is not the case you can ignore me. If you recently downloaded the new IE, I think it is 7.0 and are running Symantec Products, that may be your problem. When I downloaded the new IE some pages did not load, etc. etc. Once I restored the old IE and OLD Outlook things were fine.

    As a broad brush, if you recently made changes like IE or added a Firewall etc, you may want to check either the MS website or the vendors website for capatibility issues.

    Best of luck
  8. Trader01


    You can try this. Internet Explorer has a repair kit...

    Go to:

    System tools
    System Information
    Tools(at top)
    Internet Explorer Repair Tool

    It shouldn't delete your Favorites (bookmarks) if your run it, but it doesn't hurt to keep a copy of your IE Favorites on a floppy disk.
  9. cool...i'll try those suggestions....

    i did figure out a quick fix for the problem......the main one being I could not download the bullet software for my new acct
    so what i ended up doing was sending myself the web address as a link...then i right clicked and "saved target as" worked, but I'll still try to fix it.