Internet Explorer is such crapware!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Eight, Feb 6, 2011.

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    I've used gmail, chrome, google calendar, google tasks, Android.. and google search for that matter, since they started each of those things.. If a company is the smartest, hires the smartest, produces the stuff that is NOT CRAPWARE, well that is where I want to go...

    My friend got a freebie computer, it's quite nice really, laptop, Vista, not very old, nothing wrong with it, the other people had it loaded up with so much security crapware that it barely could run and they couldn't fix it so they gave it away... so I'm showing her how to run the thing and IE takes so DAMNED LONG to do ANYTHING.. it's astounding CRAPWARE!! I have not used it in years and was not aware how horrible it is.. all the windows stuff is so horrible...

    it needed to update Flash, so we are updating Flash.. and when it gets done, does it continue on doing what we started? No, the POS computer just dumped our task in favor of updating Flash and never told us a thing about what to do next..

    I think a lot of my nightmares stem from Microsoft experiences... lost in blind alleys, lost on a bus system, people in these dreams that won't tell me what is going on or where to go next... they are happy to just be lost somehow.... just while I was typing this I realized that I'm dreaming in Microsoft and it's nightmarish!!

    Thanks, I needed to vent a little to get the much needed dream interpretation...

    I'm getting a Macbook Pro, been stalling off on that for too long... Peace :)
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    I had the same problem, although I never use IE, but was testing speed on different browsers. It said the computer needs Flash 8 or better. It already had 10 but OK, I reinstalled it. Sure enough Flash still doesn't work with IE, and I tried it on 2 different computers...

    All other browsers using Flash just fine....
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    Windows is astoundingly unfriendly, it's like they realized that the thing could never be friendly so they took it one more step and made it insultingly unfriendly... some items work with a single click, some work with double, error messages are not only cryptic, you can't copy and paste them when trying to ask for help... it's not designed for networking but the world changed and we all went with networking bigtime... and Windoz has eternal security problems as a result.. and they seem to have taken the steps to make it insultingly insecure as well...

    I heard stories from developers about their work with Microsoft products, Microsoft doesn't follow it's own specs even... Windows belongs behind a whitelisting firewall, nothing less than that will keep it running right and keep the jerks out... I had a desktop for trading a couple of years back that was whitelisted and another one for surfing the internet, the firewalled one never needed any attention at all, it just ran the same no matter what.. the other one developed the typical nightmarish things that happen...
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  5. Maybe 30+ years as a PC user and programmer give me an edge, but I've always been able to whip Windows into whatever shape I desired after a minimum of struggle.

    The average nitwit is not going to able to hack anything beyond their email address.

    Thus, they created Apples, Macs, and assorted other dumbed down boxes
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    my sentiments exactly!!

    I spent a couple more hours with this laptop today. It needed a half a gigabyte of downloads to patch it.. so I start the process, it downloads, it's installing stuff.. it gets to "update #11" and it hangs there for an hour, I can't win or quit, it won't tell me what it's doing, I can't find a process that is using a lot of cpu time and kill it, there is just a lot of cpu activity that is not accounted for in the Task Manager... so eventually the battery dies and who cares? I don't know WTF the computer did or why it couldn't get past that "update #11".. my galpal that owns the thing doesn't have an OS disc [they never do] so I can't just reinstall the whole thing and then patch it which is what I do with my own computers... it's just another day with Microsoft, another day of WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT???????????????????