Internet explorer 6.0 freezing

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jrlvnv, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. jrlvnv


    I know this isn't a tech. forum but I am out of options on my computer problem with no idea how to fix it. My problem is sometimes when I surf my IE just freezes and makes me close out. Ran AVG free version and adware and came back with nothing. So I formatted my system figuring that solves it all. Worked ok for a few days then it happened again. Didn't like my setup anyway so I formatted again and only installed all the drivers for my hardware and SP2 and all the other updates but none of the optional ones, and my trading platform. Worked good for a few days again. Then it happens again. I ran AVG and adware again and still nothing. Here is the problem that I get....

    You chose to end the nonresponsive program, Internet Explorer

    To see what data this error report contains, click here... did that and here
    is what you get

    szAppName : iexplore.exe szAppVer : 6.0.2900.2180 szModName : hungapp
    szModVer : offset : 00000000

    Then I clicked on technical information about the error report...


    does anyone have any clue for me?

    I run xp pro
    amd 64bit 3200
    2 gigs corsair ram
  2. gkishot


    my explorer also freezes partially ( comes to standstill for a minute or 2 before it returns back to normal) or completely once in a while especially when it loads java applets. But it never freezes for the same websites at my work. So it's probably computer and network dependent.
  3. jrlvnv


    thanks for the comments so far.... one weird thing that happens also is when i log onto party poker..... I get 2 white squares on my login section also on the bottom of my screen instead of 1 party poker tab i get 3. When I click on the other 2 it just makes the white squares move a little bit on the screen. I have sent 1 dozen messages to party poker and they were no help and say its my display settings not set to 96 dpi. I reply to them saying it is set and then they said they are not sure how to fix it. I'll try and attach what I am talking about here.... I'll do a screen shot of my display and copy it work a word document. Keep the help coming if you have any idea how to help me

    Thanks to all
  4. use firefox

    reformat hd, reinstall windows

    stop using IE... period.

    and install less "shareware"

    better website choice.
  5. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    you saw the white square because a gif file was missing or slowed to load, I had the same problem with IE and I tried all those things mention above and none of it work then IE suddenly worked again, looking back I think the problem got fixed when I switched to a larger hard drive.
  6. jrlvnv


    well i only have used 15.5 gigs of my harddrive but only have 96 gigs left of empty space.... thanks for advise though...
  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    my old hard drive is 30G and the new one is 200G if all fail wipe it clean, install XP then IE that should do, after all that was what I did when I got the new hard drive.
  8. jrlvnv


    well i did format about 3x in the last 10 days. All I installed were all of windows updates and my video card driver and my trading platform and I still got the problem. I guess what I am looking for is a diagnostics program that I can run that would test my stuff like macromedia and java and anything else that IE uses. Not sure if this exists but would love to have a site if someone knows one
  9. heavy


    I just started using flyonthewall, and every time a news story comes through, my IE freezes... using the task manager, I can see it actually gets to 100% usage. Seems odd, and I've never had this sorta thing happen before. I can't reformat, because the machine's in my office. I haven't told an IT guy yet, because I just got it on Friday, so I wanted to see if there's anything I could do first. Any ideas?
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