internet down ! aaaarrrrrgh ! ! ! ! ! - need quotes

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  1. my isp Shaw went down while i was in an fx trade, fortunately my digital phone still
    worked and Oanada customer service closed my trade

    Shaw cs hadn't any info about the outage, bye, five minutes later the service was down
    again and after a loooong wait i learnt there was a server specific to my location amongst
    others that was being repaired

    while the service was back up after a few minutes i'm advised the estimated repair finish
    time will be after 8:00am pst . until that time and a phone confirmation that the repair has
    been completed i won't trade

    since exiting the trade the eurusd went up 6pips, down 20, up 27, down 40, up, down
    and upping again so a lot of pips going by

    the main question is - whatever one trades -

    what non isp realtime quote services are available ?
    my requirement is for fx quotes
  2. Get yourself 2 internet connections based on different media: eg cable+dsl, dsl+3g, dsl+satellite
  3. +1 on that. If you're eventually going to trade full time, you need to treat the matter as a business. (Good) Businesses have backup networks, data storage etc. if it's critical to their operation.

    Having a backup plan for power, network and computer are critical to a trading business. Does it cost money? You bet. But so does having open positions you can't close.
  4. thank for replies, i realize now i'd thought about backup via the phone company internet
    service - no phone account required - ordered

    used cqg satellite before and it went down, tho it's current up-time may have improved

    Oanda don't have a telephone order desk so i was glad to know 'crisis trades' can be
    made via the service rep, took a couple of minutes since the process is for the rep to
    login with the account holder's info and enter the order via the trading platform

    Oanda also has a free FXTrade Mobile program for pda/cell that provides quotes and
    order entry:

    MetaQuotes mobiles for pda or cell - mini version of MT4 - charts:

    i backup data via thumb drives and while i only have one computer, i'm more concerned
    with being able to close any trades in a 'crisis' rather than a power outage or a computer
    crash; currently i'm only trading fx not a variety of instruments, however if i were operating
    a 'business' rather than being a 'home trader' i would have a full redundant system