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    can you get frame relay...the greatest expense on your part will probably be cost of loop...from your premise to POP

    I recommend that a trader set up a frame relay with a direct connection to broker/dealer platform (eliminating internet problems and then a PVC (using same frame relay) to connect directly to the backbone for Internet access

    IMHO you have to treat it as a business and cut no corners
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    Don't know about frame relay but it is worth a phone call. Thanks.
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    Hi Cormac, are there actually brokers out there that will let you connect to them via a frame network? Can you suggest some? And will they do the provisioning (hopefully to save some bucks)?

    I actually just called the TradestationPro folks last week to find out if I can get my data via frame but they said no.

    Anyways, I'm actually looking into ISDN as a backup to my lame Telocity DSL connection. ISDN latency is actually lower than I thought.

    If anyone else is considering frame-relay, I highly recommend Worlcomm/UUNet/MFS/MCI or whatever they call themselves these days. I've had very good experience with them in the past. In general, I think that UUNet has one of the best networks out there.

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    p2 -

    Off the top of my head I think most mainline broker dealers would/could help facilitate a frame relay connection...I think a trader should use the best industrial tools at their disposal

    The following firms will let you connect via frame relay...I know CyberTrader(Worldcom)and TradePortal (Sprint) have some sort of deal available (last I heard), On-Site, ProTrader and Hold Bros. also encourage a frame relay connection

    I haven't checked with any other firms...I'll leave that up to you :)

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