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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanmart, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. alanmart


    I am currently using a high speed cable conneciton from Cablevision (Optimum). The speeds are good but once in a while I lose conectivity for a few minutes.

    I would like to add a DSL conenction (SNET Now AT&T).

    What is the best way to have both connecitons set up so that I can quickly switch from the Cable to DSL if the cable fails.

    Are there routers that can handle both connections?

    Any suggesitons from those with two internet connecitons?

    Thank you,

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    The dual ethernet mobo failover looks like a good solution but if you want failover and the advantages of a hardware firewall the Hotbricks work ok in my experience and setup is not all that difficult....
  5. alanmart


    Thank you for the posts. I just received the Xincom DPG502 and ordered a DSL to use in addition to cable.

    I will install this weekend and post any comments.
  6. i have used a bridge setup before... was alright no problem since we;re not talking about many computers..
  7. alanmart


    I just connected the xincom DPG502 and it is working well. So far, I have not had to configure anything except to change the IP of my old wireless router so it can connect to the xincom for wireless access when needed.

    I am waiting for the DSL activation so I currenlty only have the cable modem connected to the xincom. So far it feels good.

    I will update after I connect the DSL to the WAN 2 port.