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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by funky, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. funky


    For those of you automating your strategies,

    what kinds of software do you suggest for alerting me when my connection goes down?

  2. prophet


    I have been looking for a simple interface to allow my systems to send SMS messages to my cell phone.

    I found this:

    The cost is $44 per 1000 messages. I have not yet programmed to this interface. Anyone had success with something like this?

    There are several free interfaces like this:

    It should be possible to automatically submit a web form to these SMS sites.

    Anyone know of any alternatives?
  3. Ninja


    How about ? The basic version is free and for the professional version they offer a free 30-day trial. I never had the time to test it though. Maybe someone can post a review? :)
  4. tomf


    lol I think you guys forget that when you're connection goes down it'll be pretty hard to send a SMS over the internet ;)

    You'd need an outside resource like a server on a different network that constantly pings your machine and sends off an sms, email, whatever once it doesn't receive a reply
  5. funky


    i was thinking more along the lines of an audio alert so i can hear it when i'm in the shower ;)
  6. mark1

    mark1 Guest

    well, I think something like DUmeter (google fot it) , can do this job for you.

    It's a bandwidth meter, you can set an alarm that triggers when the data transfer rate has dropped below the thresold value you set ,in a x amount of seconds.
    YOu can check what's your average data transfer when receiving data for trading so you can set it properly.
  7. funky


    bravo! thank you.

  8. prophet


    My server's internet connection is reliable enough not to worry about that. This is to notify me if IB or Globex goes down, or if the market goes nuts and my stops don't execute or something.
  9. Ninja


    You don't need an internet connection since you can send SMS directly via a GSM modem.

    However you are correct regarding a second PC monitoring the first one.
  10. tomf


    don't tell me you are trading with a gsm modem...
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