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    What kind of internet connection you you guys use that are trading remote? Cable? Have any of you tested your speed on
    Im just wondering what is needed for fast executions
  2. Cable or DSL only, unless you position trade, then dial up may be ok. Use for speed and tweak tests myself. I have 6 meg down and 256k up. Plenty fast for day trading. Once I scale up to more contracts I will add dsl as a back up connection with a dual wan router.
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    how does a dual wan router work? would it backup cable with the dsl?
  4. do a search on ET first and google, that should answer all of your questions. I will be happy to answer questions after that. But yes it backs it up.
  5. Cable lags are much more often and bigger. Go for wired DSL if possible!!! Unless like dandxg said you swing instead of daytrade.
  6. That's interesting. I have never used DSL, only cable, but I am running over 100 milisecond latency at times on cable. I don't think I can get over 3 meg dsl though. I still should be enough. I wish I was in a Verizon area with Fios available. Fiber to the house!
  7. Yeah, I have not traded over cable yet but having a cable line means that you have a pipe to share among several users in your neighborhood which will slow down your line if many users are using simultaneously unlike DSL which you are guaranteed a certain bandwidth which can get better but never too slow because it's not shared like cable. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Perhaps, you haven't noticed because cable tends to lag on peak hours.

    I keep forgetting to ask the tech at work for a way to ping the nyse servers from work and get their times, then ping it from home to compare.
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    I read that the dual wan router will add bandwidth of both connections but would it decrease the lagtime as well? I mean use whichever is best at a given time? Hope that makes some sense
  9. Good point but with a dual router you can select the line you want as primary and use the secondary if the primary fails. I don't think you would have to use both simultaneously so lagtime would be irrelevant. I guess the best solution would be a dual router with a dsl and cable or dsl from two different providers.

    This thread brings back memories when I used to daytrade from home on a very shitty dsl line and believe me the line would go down at 9:28, 9:31 or while I held positions. It's a nightmare you want to avoid specially if you live in rural areas.
  10. I believe ADSL is shared to with your neighbors, unless you get SDSL and business grade, you are no better off than cable. And you are correct I trade on cable from home while most ppl are at work, not working from their homes. I think the quality of any connection depends on geography and provider. DSL is also distance sensative, the farther from the CO, where the procure dial tone, the worse off you are. They have boosters and such, but distance is distance. I wish Qwest would get on the ball here and FTP like Verizon.
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