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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Laconic, May 31, 2013.

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    I daytrade the ES one or two dozen times a day for a minute to 10 minutes holding times. I use Tradestation. I'm manual, not automated.

    I have Time Warner Cable, standard service 15 mbps for $44.99.

    They have 3 faster tiers, with 50 mbps at $74.99 being the fastest.

    The upcharge is not a lot, but I don't like paying for things for no reason.

    Will upgrading my internet speed make any noticeable difference in Tradestation's responsiveness?

  2. In today's market, I don't think so. (Back in 2008 it might be.)

    I have both DSL and cable modem. I put 1 desktop and 1 laptop to share the DSL bandwidth, which max out at 5 mbps. The desktop has many different charts, many of which are tick charts. Running TradeStation 9.1. No problem.

    Have you experienced any network bottleneck on your computers? If not, upgrading the bandwidth will not make any difference.
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    On the standard service you could have 5 traders running trading platforms as long as everyone is not also downloading movies. Your fine with that bandwidth.

  4. Latency is much more important for trading than speed.

    Remember what they call speed is really throughput in bytes/second, not how fast the packet travels to its destination.

    The other cable internet tiers probably don't have lower latency, just higher throughput.
  5. Assuming latency is the same -- safe assumption -- don't spend a penny on a bigger pipe.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    In layman's terms, what is meant by "latency" in this context?

  7. Latency means the delay. It is how fast your signal can be transmitted from your source to the destination.

    In layman's terms example:

    Sending your package using Federal Express overnight - low latency. Good.

    U.S. Postal Service regular mail - high latency. Bad
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    I have an internet connection of abou 1-2 mbps with plan of unlimited usage for 60 days with recharge of 595 rs almost equal to $12-13.