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  1. I'm currently frustrated with my Verizon-provided DSL connection. FIOS is not yet available in my area, and I was unimpressed with Comcast's Internet service.

    I'm considering either a T1 or a fractional T1, in addition to a PePLink Balance 200 dual-WAN router (and adding Comcast service to my DSL).

    I don't have any experience with connectivity over T1 lines. I usually run eSignal (no more than a dozen symbols), TWS (ditto on symbols), Napster, and a Citrix remote desktop session for my programming client. Where am I going to notice differences between my 3.0M down/768k up DSL? Also, if I got a T1 I would use Voip for my telephone needs.

    Since it's a completely different kink of connection than DSL, cable, etc., it doesn't seem like simply comparing the bandwidth numbers will yield meaningful results.

    A fractional DSL (768k) is about 75% of the price of a full T1 (1.5M). Would I even notice the missing half?

    Any feedback on the PePLink solution would be appreciated. I'm more interested in the failover feature than increasing the bandwidth. For instance if I lose connectivity on DSL and TWS goes pink, would it immediately try to reconnect over the cable connection, or would it only try to reconnect over the DSL until I terminated that instance and restarted TWS?

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    I run a zyxel dual wan router, a 2mb fixed wireless connection and a comcast cable connection. The zyxel has load balancing and automatic failover. TWS will need to re-login after failover but it does it automatically. There is about a 30-60 sec delay for it to come back up on failover. Before going to a T1, you may consider business class DSL. Better speeds, lower cost, and similiar uptime / support. Also google fixed wireless for your town. Mine is only $59/mo and it's very reliable. I also run vonage which I hate. I have it setup that trading uses comcast and vonage the fixed wireless unless one goes down and then they are both on the same connection. A 768 connection should be fine for your needs. Trading data is pretty light and vonage is roughly 100kb per line in use.

    I also would never run napster while trading.
  3. For T1 you'll get a SLA guaranteeing bandwidth, latency and uptime. If it is to a residence it will most likely be delivered to you over the last mile via DSL anyway, but the SLA means you can bitch and they will actually do something about it if your connection goes bad.

    Are you running ping plotter or something to accurately measure your connection stats? It is not impossible to get good service out of retail connections, if you know how to ask. See the forums at for your ISP for guidance.

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    You don't sound like you want to discuss the DSL problems but you may want to consider getting DSL on a dry-pair which means it isnt running shared with a voice-line.

    If you are able to get 3.0/768 service then you must be within a reasonable distance to the CO and not at a marginal service distance so I don't see any reason why DSL shouldnt be stable for you. If VZ isnt willing to do anything with your current best-effort service getting a second DSL connection on a dry-pair at least gives you a second shot at getting a better connection (since they will have give you another copper pair). If it is better then you can cancel DSL on the voice line later.

    Speakeasy (which I no longer recommend since they were recently bought out by BestBuy) it was only $5 extra per month for naked DSL. I thought that VZ offerred it in some areas too but am not sure.

    In any case I think you will not have any bandwidth problems with a full T1 (1.5Mbps) if you decide to go that route.