internet connection in Istanbul

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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone ever daytraded from Istanbul? I mean scalping for a few cents at a time...

    What is the internet connection like? Is it fast and stable? Is there a lag?

    Thank you
  2. The problem with Turkey is that while the bandwidth, within reason, is available it is incredibly expensive. And I am not using the word "incredibly" lightly. You are talking about 30 or 40 (or more) times more than what you are used to paying.

    My information is not right up to date but it is less than a year old. I would be interested if anyone has more current info that points to reasonable rates.
  3. thanks for the reply and info.

    I would only be going for one week so I wouldn't actually be installing a connection. do you know if the connection in hotels is good enough to daytrade from?

    thanks again.
  4. ping times to cme from ankara is about 150ms, 0 packet loss (from my home on adsl connection, nothing fancy)
  5. Have you spoken to your home ISP about a 4G or 3G USB stick?

    I know a few travel agents in Europe, when are you going and if you want send me a PM with the hotels & details and I can ask them about where has internet vs. not as well as what "decent internet" is over there.
  6. thanks guys.

    Winston, what do you mean USB stick? Are you saying I could take my USB internet stick from Canada and it would work in Istanbul?

    I sent you a PM with details. Thanks again.
  7. found that some hotels (4-5 star) in istanbul have either free or 5 euro/day wireless internet services.
  8. Yes I was saying you may be able to take a USB stick from Canada and just connect via roaming.

    I PM'd you the fact sheet from the hotel you are staying at. Looks like you can get decent high-speed internet at the hotel for 22 euro a day. I've heard that "decent high speed internet" is only about 5-8mbps but at least it's symmetrical (DSL, T1 or T3 type circuits so you'll have 5-8 down and 5-8 up). No clue about latency though.
  9. thanks again guys.

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is symmetrical and latency? I usually decide if a connection is adequate solely based on the speed. is this the wrong way to be looking at it?

    I know the speed at the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul is 2Mbits/second. I believe this works out to only 256kb, does it not? This would be too slow for me to trade off of.