Internet Connection in/around Lake Chipala

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gravitonium77, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is not the correct forum, didn't know where this really should go.

    Can anyone (preferably with direct experience) say what kind of internet connection is available. Feel free to add any comments about how well trading worked from that area. Thanks.

    P.S. ..... do you mean Lake Chapala in Mexico?
  3. sorry bud, this is NOT the wrong site, questions of this nature are asked all the time hear, take a look at how long I've been a member
  4. Where is this lake OP?

    ET is very much a proper venue for this kind of question. If you can find out who is an isp in that region, you can check on for benchmarks.
  5. Thanks mgookin, I forgot agout Lake Chipala is an area in Guadalajara (excuse spelling) where there is a very large expatriate enclave. I want to spend some time down there and investigate moving there but doing as much homework in advance as possible.