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  1. Hi this is Anthony Its been some time I have been trading in this site and I founded one thing in this site that most of the people like to invest in stocks and they are literally confused about when to buy the stock and when to sell them, may be I can help you.
    Here “Mark My Words” there is a site where you have an option to bet in stock market and can find result of you are betting with in minutes of investment and if u gain the return would be 50% more then you invested.
    I do this swing trading in have a look where u can play the market with your own hands at free of cost. Updating information is done for every second. To know more just trade now
    there r also many blogs linked to that site that helps you in studying the market performance and the reasons for that effect.
  2. Here we go again...
  3. Indeed, but i think my version was much funnier.
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    NB, read it quickly, it works better.

    "Its been some crime I have being trading on this site ,I fine one think on this shite that invest in schlocks and they literally abused about when to buy snake and to sell them, may be I can hell you.

    Here “Merde My Wards” there a site which I am ascared of where you half option to invest in the schlock market and can result of your investment within minnions of investment and if u gave return would be 50%more than interested.

    I do schwing trading on few shites one of which is very god, heck out my blog Spam Link Removed to pee where u can pay the market with no medieval in between .
    Information is undated
    second. To more know just chuck out my bog. Cheers"
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    Hmmm... Think anybody will flame this thread? I wonder...

  5. this will not be done again thanks for the intimation autorities
  6. You guys just dont get it. The guy is a comedian and is spoofing us. Nobody is that dumb.
  7. Somehow i doubt your name is Anthony.... more liek Suckwinder.