Internet Burnout

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  1. Anyone else here reaching internet burnout? Not too much I have found to help this yet, my job plants me on the trading screen for too many hours a day, slaving to the screens.

    That is one downside to trading for a company, you will likely be required to stay much longer each day than the markets are trading. If I could leave when I finished trading each day, I would be gone no later than 2 pm CST everyday, yet I am stuck here for another 2 to 3 hours, surfing meaningless crap.

    Anyone else burned out and what do you do to help?
  2. maxpi


    I'm trying to break the habit really.. internet years are like dog years, your first two put you ahead fifteen and every one after that is another five but eventually.... I'm just sitting here trying real hard to find something better to do.. I go places on the weekends, largely just to get away from the computer.. then I come back late at night and have to catch up on everything.. it's a little crazy after awhile...

    I recall a funny ad where a guy surfed to the end of the internet, the computer was telling him he had to turn around and go back, LOL...
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  6. Here is what I've had to do: Unplug the modem and give it to my ol' lady to hide so i can't find the "heroin". She lets me have it at 7 am when she goes to work.
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