internet based software safe?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dav-elitetrader, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    If one would use internet based software like tradestation, are the systems you develop safe? If you have the software on your PC no one can access it, but how is this guaranteed on the internet? No one wants to have his strategies accessed for free I imagine?

    I am starting with building a futuresystem and are currently using and old tradestation version and testdata to develop a system.
    I wonder what the best strategy is for going life.

    I think I will use IB as broker since I will start trading electronic futures. What is the best software that I can use, and which real time data feed can I use best (E-Signal?).

    I hope you can give me a little help here, I appreciate it!



  2. If your PC is firewalled and virus protected, and you don't download files from questionable sources, your PC should be secure. Regarding software vendors accessing your files, if the vendor is reputable (Tradestation for example) then you have nothing to worry about. You can imagine what would happen to a software company if it were proven that they accessed their clients confidential system files without authorization. It's highly unlikely that any prominent trading software vendor would ever risk this.

    - Rob