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    Hi everyone...I'm headed to Phils for the first time and going to try to trade from there. I have the ISP part of it figured out, but I'm concerned about getting my data stolen or blowing up my lappy. I know I have to get a plug converter to switch my 3 prong into 2 and also I plan to get a surge protector. But I heard that the brownouts could harm my hard drive in the long term.

    I will be on wifi for a short time and then cable DSL for several months. Should i get a router/firewall? I'm currently running Avast free version and windows defender. And spybot also at regular intervals. Any advice or experience over there is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Yes get a firewall, hardware with SPI, software slows things done. Be very careful with Wifi make sure it is encrypted, but last time I check that slows data a bit so don't scalp trade with that. If you could run Mac that much better. But you need Spyware Blaster, Advanced System Care, Glary Utilities, Avast free, CCleaner, and Malware Bytes. Windows is weak security so you need all this stuff. Plus don't surf on trading computer if you can help it, get a separate one.

    I know Philippines isn't China but listen. A guy that trades and has businesses in China has confirmed every computer station at internet cafes in China have keyloggers and malware on them. I wouldn't trust any damn internet cafe computer maybe their Wifi maybe.
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    What kind of trading will you be doing and how long will you be there? Which part of the Philippines will you be based in?

    Really, just take the same precautions you would anywhere in the world. That includes firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware etc. and protection for your equipment for surges and spikes.

    And no, the Philippines is nothing like China so I'm not sure why that was even mentioned.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I have learned how to encrypt my wifi, and beefed up my spyware. Hopefully no one steals my identity. They will probably be very
  5. I am based in the Philippines as an investor. Below are the following advices that you should pay attention if you are serious about security:

    a.) Do not use internet cafe.
    b.) If you have your own wireless connect, use HTTPS to send sensitive information.
    c.) Do not buy pirated CD or installers.
    d.) Do not let your computer be used by other persons.

    Also Philippines is having some serious power shortage these days, so you need to buy UPS to protect your computer and your ongoing work/files.
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    1) use a router with NAT and SFI
    2) do not keep sensitive information un-encrypted on your laptop Suggest you keep sensitive data encrypted using TrueCrypt (free and darn good)
    3) make sure to have a large enough USB key holding all your sensitive information and install information. Best to keep this hidden on your person when leaving the place of residence. In case laptop gets stolen you can recover.
    4) give thought towards running the trading environment under VMware and keeping that environment as a backup on another USB key.
    5) make sure to have your lappy properly imaged, I use Acronis. Goes on an external hard disk which goes into a safe
    6) don't talk anywhere about what you are doing, what your income stream is, you make yourself a target for ransom /extortion
    7) don't float jewelry, expensive watches, big wads of money
    If st5aying in some small places do not stay for more than 6 months in one location and change your routine. Carry always cash and hidden a couple of hundred US and no CC with large limits when out on town (so you cannot get shaken down)

    Dad lived there many years and was fine but had a few close calls.