internet activity monitoring and surveillance

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  1. Download PuTTY (freeware) and sign-up for one of many free shell services (or setup SSH on your home computer). Configure PuTTY as an http tunnel, set Firefox/IE to tunnel via PuTTY (many guides on google). Enjoy snoop-free SSH encrypted web surfing/trading.

    Use at your own risk. Takes a competent IT dept to detect it. If they do, run for the hills!

    Tips - don't use the default SSH port (22), that may rouse suspicion. Instead use port 443 (https), it'll blend in much better that way. To be safe, run PuTTY and Portable Firefox from a thumb drive only, & take it with you at night. Lastly, make sure your DNS lookups are forwarded through the SSH tunnel, those still go to the local DNS server unless you override the default setting in Firefox.

    Or if you want easier and safer - get a laptop and use a cellular modem. Heck, just get an iPhone, problem solved.
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