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    I had zone alarm that allowed me to turn off the internet from my PC ( but my computer stayed on), so that if I had my pc on overnight, I could halt internet access for piece of mind.

    I dont like zone alarm for other reasons.

    I am after a tool that

    1) Completely turns off my pc from internet (pc stays on)
    2) Allows the on and off switch to be schedules, ie turn off at 10.00pm and turn on at 6.00am

    NOTE: Please dont advise pulling cable out..

    Any ideas
  2. Get Embarq. That will work.
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    Some of the newer routers (wired and/or wifi) have some options that may suit your needs.
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    Thanks, I am after software for XP..
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    If you have the icons at the bottom of your window, the Internet (double monitor) icon can be used to disable your internet connection. Right click on this icon and you get a menu that allows you to disable your internet connection. When you are ready to connect again, right click and select the Enable option. I think this is all you need, and it is a part of XP. Good luck.
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    Yes XP does allow me to manually do this, I was after automation, with a schedule ability, thx
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    Slawdog Smart Shutdown is a free, commercial-quality shutdown utility for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. The program is based on an easy 1-2-3 interface and has an immense number of shutdown options. It allows you to shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, hibernate, disconnect from the Internet or network, enter standby mode in Windows, and shut down and reboot computers in your network--all both manually and automatically.
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  10. I do this to keep the kids from being on the net all night. I just have a plain-jane 5 year old Microsoft wireless router and it lets me schedule on/off times. I can even do it per computer so my PC is still on the net and the kids' comps aren't.
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