International Trading?

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  1. Hi . . . does anyone here do International trading in NYC? I am looking into getting into trading when I graduate in December and would like to know how the hours work out for you guys as I know they must be VERY different from typical. I've heard hours from 5pm-3am are normal? Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  2. why do you want to do international, the comissions are outrageous
  3. hmmm . . . no one has answered my question yet so i'm guessing everyone trades domestically?
  4. Surdo


    I trade every major currency pair 24 hours a day, with an occasional nap/cocktail break from NYC.

    What exactly is your question?

    el surdo
  5. xiaodre


    There are DAX and Eurostoxx traders here, and people who have posted about dabbling with the Hang Seng index. All these are available through Interactive Brokers, or any other broker really. The prices for the intraday exchange data, contract, and amount of margin you need will depend on what you will trade...

    and most of the electronic futures contracts here trade round the clock, although the ES is the only one with enough liquidity throughout the day and night to move significantly (that's just my opinion, though. I won't touch RBOB,and other people talk of trading oil after hours)...

    Disclosure: I have an account with IB

    EDIT: Surdo is right: forex pairs move significantly during time periods other than EST RTH, I'm told.
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    I guess I am the most international trader here. Lets see.. I am Lithuanian (that small country out there). But currently I live in Kazakhstan (that other not so small country :)). And I make a living by trading in US markets mostly. The time difference between New York and Astana is… 11 hours :(. So my trading day starts at 8:30pm and ends at 3:00 am. After trading I usually spend an hour or two to process and analyze some data, so I go to sleep at 4~5 am. There were cases when I had a breakfast with my wife before she left for her job and I went to sleep :)