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    Global Futures is now offering and promoting the 30 automated systems available through International Trading Institute, . All of these systems can be automatically executed and traded through the GSTrader and Strategy Runner platforms for complete systematic & disciplined trading. While still allowing you to monitor the execution live and even intervene if you feel so.

    I recommend everyone go to the site, and sign up for their monthly newsletter that will be going out the first week of april with an update on the performance of their systems. They will be adding new features to their website on an ongoing basis that you all will want to be aware of.

    ITI has a very competitive monthly fee of $50 per system per contract, which will allow you to diversify across multiple systems and markets to better protection with out costing an arm and a leg for non - institutional investors.

    Also their Hypothetical performance data includes $20 for slippage & commission. The only thing not included is the monthly fee yet, but that is being worked on.

    They also offer a free non-system demo paper account of the GSTrader sponsored by Global Futures. You can request it and have a demo account with in a few hours and then subscribe to the systems that you would like to watch trade live for a month or two before investing in them.

    If you have any questions about ITI, systems or Global Futures feel free to ask me. You can post here in this forum, or email me at and even call me at 877.367.3177 x 109

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    So has anyone gotten on board with any of these systems yet? If so, how have the hypothetical results compared to real money trading?

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