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  1. Does anyone have any information or experiences with this Chicago based group?
    Positive or negative.
    What sort of deals do they offer?
    Anyone currently/formerly trading there?
  2. I drive by their office in Glenview all the time and from what I know, the place is solid if you can get in. No capital deposit; true prop, trading the firm's capital for a profit split.
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    Have you heard anything negative about ITG ?
    Is it right that it is not in the same league as DRW and Spot Trading ?
  4. I talked to a couple of guys who had traded there.
    They said that the technology was good, but found the trading limits restrictive.
    They didn't reccomend the place.
    So that would indicate the last poster is right.
    But that's all hearsay. Put me off though.
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    I think if it is actually someone who traded there, then I would take them seriously if they say that trading limits are restrictive.
    I guess they don't let you hold overnight and propably make you cut the loss right away. Please let me know if you know more as to why they didn't recommend the place.

    Did you mean to say the last poster is wrong ?

    Thanks again.
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    I traded there from 1998-2002. David Ellis is a class act and DE/ITG has always been a great firm.

    Having said that, please be advised that ALL Chicago firms with the 'traditional' business model have suffered significant upheaval and dislocation, especially as it relates to interest rate futures.

    DRW, Ronin, and the old 'Peak-6' have different business models - team approach, smaller splits with discretionary bonuses, more leverage and some OTC abilities.

    Bottom Line: You'd better have an edge, and you'd better be able to demonstrate it and quantify it.

    I will arrange for Chicago-area interviews for my clients if requested, and will provide detailed references as well as part of my consulting contract.
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    Thanks bone.

    The previous poster talked about the restrictions at DE. Do they let you hold the positions overnight ? How far can you typically go before you have to cut the loss while trading futures ?

    Thanks again.
  8. Any advice on how to go about approaching a firm like ITG? I would love to join a futures prop firm in/around Chicago but no luck so far. Thanks!
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    Again, I assist clients in arranging for interviews and vouch for them personally after they've completed the six month program and have demonstrated a certain level of competency. Over the course of 17 years, I have developed contacts and relationships all over the industry.

    Before you 'cold call' someone, you'd better have a demonstrable edge and be able to quantify it.
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    There was an International Trading Group that was a huge, call-option, boiler room that "sold trades" back around 1985-1989 or so. They had offices in San Diego and also Fairfield, Iowa. A very sleazy outfit and eventually closed down by either the NFA or CFTC, I can't recall.
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