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  1. lxo7


    Does anyone here who lives overseas subscribe to Active Trader magazine?

    I subscribed to it last October after realizing it was available to international subscribers. They charged my credit card $96 promptly. I waited and waited for the magazine to arrive, and in late January I finally gave up and asked them where my magazines were. They said sorry, we'll resend, and they extended my subscription by 2 issues. Well, I again waited and waited. But I still haven't seen a single issue of the magazine. I asked them again and they blamed it on the postal system - which I knew they're gonna do (and was surpised when they didn't do it las time)!

    If it's truly the postal system, how come I receive my TASC magazine, my Futures magazine, my PC magazine, my Amazon orders - all of which come thru the postal system - promptly every month. In fact, it was when I received my April issues of TASC and Futures magazine that I realized I still haven't seen my Active Trader magazine.

    So, any international subscriber out there? Do you receive it?

  2. Where do you live? Maybe the postman is interested in daytrading....
  3. jsmith



    It's not just you. I live here in California in USA and I
    subscribed to Active Trader before also.

    I waited 1 month and no issue.
    Called them and verifed correct address.
    I waited 2 months and no issue.
    Called them and they said they sent it but would
    credit me back 2 extra months.

    I waited 3 months and no issue.
    I called them and they offered a trace.
    I canceled it, got a full refund.

    I now go to bookstore once a month
    and pick myself up a copy.

    Also, I did end up getting 1 issue like a few weeks
    after I canceled.
  4. DoCo


    I too have been getting the shaft from Active Trader..I am in Denver and the same stuff is happening...a year ago I called and ordered 10 back issues, the girl took my credit card number, and I waited and waited but the issues never came...called back 2 more times, they said they would send out but never did...also I just started a subscription after the Anneheim traders show with the special they were giving out(15 issues for $59)..did not receive an issue by November, called and they said they would send out and also credit me another issue...I never received anything and called back in December also never received anything until Jan., Feb., and nothing for March(April issue) called and they said they would send right out and I have not received yet...gave some song and dance on all occasions that it was the post offices now we have several people not receiving copies...wonder who else is not getting theirs??
  5. syd697


    I thought I was the only one not getting my issues of Active Trader either. They really have a problem. I ended up cancelling too and now I just go to the bookstore and read it there for free.
  6. Cesko


    I ended up cancelling too and now I just go to the bookstore and read it there for free.
    My solution too. Best way to stay updated on whatever is going on almost any subject anywhere, anytime.
    Sometimes I wonder what makes more money for these bookstores, coffee or books?
  7. chs245


    I live in Europe. I started my subs last september. I received my first issue 2 months late because they didn't print my address correctly (full of misspellings...). Wanted to pay by check, but then simply ignored their payment request because of the extremely bad customer service. Now I don't get the magazine anymore, but I don't think it is a big loss. This forum is way more informative !
  8. lxo7


    They said they're sending me a new issue and ask me to wait another 8 weeks. Well, if I don't receive it by then, it would be 32 weeks since I subscribed to it. I think the chance of me getting it is very slim. I'm canceling it.

    Thanks to all who share the info.
  9. I subscribed and the issues have been erratic.
  10. DoCo


    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention....I just called Active Trader today about my missed April issue(due in March)....they said it was to be mailed out last week but today they said there was no record of it being that makes about 5-6 times these people have not been telling the truth about the subscriptions...I talked to a supervisor today(Amy) and if I don't get my issue by next week I will cancel and get my money back...FWIW if anyone else is haveing problems call the offices and the customer service and complain...let them know about this thread...1-312-775-5421 office, 1-800-341-9384 (Amy the supervisor)
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