International short-ban thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by turdlehead, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Monkey see Monkey do
  2. Waaaayyyy more than monkey see, monkey do...
    The words insidious, ominous, of jurassic proportion, and untold, come to mind.

    Wake the fuck up!!
  3. sprstpd


    Wow, looks like I have to move to France or Egypt to trade freely. Who would of thunk it?

    By the way, the fact that every country is doing this means that every country does not want true price discovery. And that can only mean one thing - that these stocks are still all extremely overvalued. Tankage ahead.
  4. Agreed. But I am afraid this is part of a deal for the foreign banks. One hand washes the other. Perhaps to thwart repatriation??

    Paulson says foreign banks can use US bailout funds!...
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