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  1. Guys,

    I'm starting to notice a trend, many firms have been relocating or expanding their businesses to overseas affiliates to circumvent regulation. I thought I'd start a thread about this. Being a libertarian republican, I find the dodd-frank related regulation of private firms to have hurt the business and jobs. All the firms moving to canada, israel, caymen, etc. will now be pumping money and hiring employees (not trader accounts, I mean risk managers, sales staff, etc) outside of the country. Just figured I'd start a discussion considering we'll now get the "DON'T TRUST ANY OVERSEAS TRADING FIRM, IT'S ALL A SCAM"....I feel like it's more like "DON'T TRUST ANY REGULATION, IT'S ALL A SCAM"

    There are pros and cons for traders:

    PROS - lower commission rates, no bullshit licensing fees or invasion of privacy, no fingerprinting, no finra transaction fees.

    CONS - less over-site, capital allocation is not as strict and there is no public filings.
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    what prop firms are moving there operations overseas?
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    site and sight are 2 very different things, as is there and their

    But the overall model of profits via overrides is dead or dying, whether domestic based or not.

    Also, is not overseas firms not allowed to take on US traders?

    I believe JC has their Nevis operations which is based in Belize, or something like that.
  4. hitnrun


    jc trading is a branch ( group) of wts

    jc are only middlemen to get connected with wts for traders

    why would jc be based overseas for usa traders that have a account with wts ?

    What has changed recently?
  5. to reduce cost perhaps? Isn't that the whole idea behind outsourcing?

    Is there a legal limit to how much of it's operation a BD can outsource for its business on the US?
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    jc trading is a group Not a b/d

    does not matter. no cost savings

    they recruit traders for there group that is with wts the b/d


    Not sure of the connection with jc being based overseas as mentioned earlier. does not make sense

    For usa traders?
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    They don't take US traders at Nevis - that company is only for offshore traders
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    jc has the overseas operation . familiar name to most of us
    nevis trading for only overseas traders
    same old news with them for several years now