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  1. Here is someone with an International Perspective:;read=70207

    "I just truly think that we should avoid any contact with them [whites] to the best of our abilities. We are better off staying in our own country Mama Africa, planting various kinds of foods, so that we can be self sufficient, and create our own learning centers, instead of running the risk of mixing with them, in their colleges and Universities, they are just doing the same things which they have been doing to African people, for the past more than five hundred years. It is not at all new.
    Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
    Baba Ras Marcus "
  2. Ricter


    You are a hypocrite.
  3. It does not mean anything. It is just a code word used over and over by the left to make a point that it has no point, no valid arguments, just a desire to suppress the truth in our "democratic" society. There is only one good truth and it is left, everybody else is a "racist" and a "hypocrite", and must be banned.
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    You're also a stereotyper. You see, I'm calling you a hypocrite based on observational evidence. You're busy revealing the racism in others, and propogating it yourself.