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  1. I trade futures with IB and QCharts. I would like to consider trading international futures as well (Australian and Japanese). Does anyone recommend a data vendor for these markets?
  2. "international futures as well (Australian and Japanese)"

    CQG/Net or FutureSource ProNET, if not Reuters, Bloomberg, and Moneyline Telerate (was Bridge Telerate, was was Dow Jones Markets, was was was...).

    Don't know why you consider trading Japanese futures (unless you live in Japan, but even if you live in Japan...). Overhead (commissions, efficiency, datafeed cost and availability, etc.) is way too high, IMO. But, maybe it just fits your trading style.

    Why not HK's Hang Seng index (via IB, of course) and major European contracts?
  3. SciTrader,

    Does CQG do Hong Kong as well? Do you know of a decent package with charting and time & sales for Hang Seng futures and mini futures?

  4. I temporarily ceased CQG/NET subscription last summer due to jobs and cost consideration, besides I have sole access to a Reuters Terminal. I'll resume subscription later this Spring. Really like CQG's No-Term-Requirement policy.

    Before that, I had had access to HK futures (free of charge) since CQG notified me the beginning of beta on Nov 2000, till my break of subscription on Aug 2001. The quality is quite well, no serious lag compared to Reuters. I don't know when or if ever CQG made available officially HK futures. I just check and cannot find any mention of HKFE on CQG website's "Symbols and Exchanges Search". You'd better contact CQG for confirmation.

    CQG/NET. It's (very) expensive. IMO a "workable" setup costs nearly $1,000. But it's quality.
  5. As to charting and time & sales for Hang Seng futures and mini futures, besides CQG/NET, I recommend FutureSource ProNET Plus, if not the three institutional feeds mentioned above.
    FS ProNET is moderately priced, but resource-intensive, though I don't think that an issue. The H2 last year I relied on it as less expensive backup to Reuters Terminal.

    Aspen Graphics is an excellent charting front-end. You may try Aspen Graphics on the Internet, powered by ComStock Xpress Feed or BridgeFeed - don't worry, Reuters (or Moneyline Telerate?) will continue to power this feed for a long time. Both cover HK markets.

    You can also use ComStock on the Net to power TradeStation 2000i via an "authorized TS2000i Compatibility Driver" by an Italian reseller. Seamless integration. But I've heard that ComStock's feed suffers performance issue with HK markets due to limited bandwidth to HK. Anybody to confirm/disconfirm this?

    As to HK local alternatives, I think Def is more familiar with them.

    To me the hardest to find is access to Korea's futures & options markets, both trade execution (waiting for IB) and affordable datafeeds (to push CQG & eSignal).
  6. I just talked to a CQG sales rep a few days ago who told me that they did not have any HK data yet. Was it just a beta?
  7. Wow! Year long beta! I doubt CQG delayed or even dropped plan to offer HK data. That's why I detailed above my beta experience. It's unusual, because I'm not charged HKFE's exchange fee for more than half a year. Absolutely not CQG's style. Last year CQG seemed to focus on development of its CQG/OTTO order entry module and trading system programming/backtesting capability.

    You'd better ask your sales rep if a beta available to you. It's said that different AE will bring you different CQG, as to what features/optionals are available/enabled, and sometimes, cost.
    My AE (I'm served by the French branch) left CQG to go to Singapore before my cease of subscription. He's really kind, knowlegable and helpful. 180 degree contrary to my Reuters rep.

    I think you could try FS ProNET ( A powerful machine running Win2k/XP and good Internet connection will greatly improve your experience with them. Or FS's lease-line version Professional 4.0, if possible. They charge $73 for HKFE, unblievable!

    Or Aspen Graphics on the Internet ( with BridgeFeed or ComStock Xpress Feed.

    I don't think other cheap alternatives will satisfy you.