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    I will be going out of the country on vacation and I was wondering if anyone knows of an ISP that has international "800" numbers that can be used to get access to the Internet?


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  3. You call this vacation? How is it going to differ from your non-vacation time? :D
  4. Have fun on holiday, most hotels have internet connection or internet cafe nearby, they should be able to help you. Not very expensive unless your in budapest which is $5 for 15 minutes.
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  6. Just finished a trip myself:

    1. Ask the hotels you will be staying at about internet access. Most usually offer broadband or dial-up service from the room. Make sure to ask about cost - this service is sometimes overpriced.

    2. If you are only going to 1-2 places you may contact an ISP located at your destination in advance and open a dial-up account. This might be preferable if you want unlimited time or want the flexibility to change hotels / locales without arranging for internet access at each stop.

    3. Turn your trip into a vacation and leave the laptop at home. (My choice ....)
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    Whatever you choose, don't choose AT&T Global Network. I made the mistake twice in my life...
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    Why don't you like att globalnet? Worked well for me in Sweden.
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    Dammed, I knew someone would question it. I already feel the adrenalin rush when I think about what I experienced with them :mad:


    Their mail servers were often not accessible, sometimes for several days.

    Mail disappeared (I saw mails on the webmail inbox and when trying to download it through Outlook Express the program told me that there is no mail on the server. So I connected again to the webmail function and the mail wasn't there anymore).

    Their spam filter (which you can't turn off) filtered mails I wanted to receive, e.g. subscribed news services (Wall Street Journal).

    Their helpdesk people on the phone don't have a clue about anything and give you wrong answers.

    When I reported problems through their 'contact the helpdesk' web function I didn't get an answer in half of the cases or they just wrote me back that I should call the phone support (which I did earlier, but they couldn't help me) or that they don't accept the problem as a problem (which in fact was that I couldn't connect to the mail server and they told me that everything works fine, but there definitely was a problem, because even their webmail function couldn't connect to the mail server and just showed me a "please try again soon" message).

    They are too expensive and even more expensive when you use them outside of your home region for international dialup.
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    Also I remember problems to use their mobile GSM access numbers.
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